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  • It is our intention for science to develop in all children a lifelong curiosity and interest in the sciences, which contributes to their personal development and ability to contribute in the future to the advancement of the sciences.
  • Children are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future. The acquisition of key scientific knowledge is an integral part of our science lessons. When planning our science curriculum, we intend for children to have the opportunity, wherever possible, to learn through varied investigations, leading to them being equipped for life to ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them.
  • As children progress through the year groups, they build on their skills in working scientifically, as well as on their scientific knowledge, as they develop greater independence in planning and carrying out fair and comparative tests to answer a range of scientific questions.
  • The children will be shown the importance of the five key Scientific Enquiry skills (research, observing over time, fair testing, pattern seeking and classifying) in becoming an independent learner.
  • Each science unit taught, has an accompanying knowledge organiser which can be used to help reinforce the key knowledge for each unit as set out in the science national curriculum, as well as additional vocabulary.
  • Our science roadmap ensures children have a varied, progressive and well- designed science curriculum that provides the opportunity for progression across the full breadth of the Science National Curriculum for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

WHPS Science Policy

WHPS Intent, Implementation and Impact

WHPS Science Roadmap

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