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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Welcome to the Year One page!  In our classroom we love learning with Mrs Leonard, Mrs Morris, Ms Davies and Mrs Coombes.  We are lucky enough to have a large, spacious classroom and outdoor space to play and learn in.  Every week, we can choose to lead our own learning in the different areas of the classroom as well as doing our work in groups, 1:1 with an adult or together as a whole class.  


We love to learn!  


Mrs Morris, Mrs Leonard, Ms Davies and Mrs Coombes



This term we are learning about the books 'We're Going on A Bear Hunt' and 'Handa's Surprise'.  They are both great books which we are excited about delving into deeper!  We are working on writing more independently; using known sounds to spell words and remembering to use finger spaces between our words.  


Read Write Inc


We continue to use the RWI scheme to help us learn phonics to help us read and write.  We are in groups tailored to our strengths and needs and we love to help each other by working with our partners.  Every week children bring home a book or ditty sheet that is specifically matched to their reading ability so they can put everything we do at school into practice at home.  Children also bring home an additional book which is to be enjoyed alongside an adult as it may have words they need a little help with. It is important that children read a book at home that they are able to independently 'decode' using their 'Fred' talk, but also to read books for pleasure that encourage discussion and bring about new words that they may not encounter otherwise.  If you would like any guidance for reading at home with your child, please do not hesitate to contact us on Class Dojo. 


For more information regarding supporting your child with their phonics and reading, please click this link.


We are signed up to Numbots, the brilliant app where children can practise their maths skills at school and at home.  You earn coins for trying hard and playing lots of games.  Then you use the coins to buy new parts for your robot.  We recommend that your child plays Numbots in short busts several times a week to improve their mental arithmetic.  

In maths this term we have been learning about place value and adding and subtracting numbers within 10.  We work with equipment such as tens frames, base 10 and counters to help us deeply understand concepts before moving on to pictures and number sentences and show our understanding of the learning. We are continuing to improve our accuracy when counting objects up to 10.


We love maths!

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