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Ofsted Report

Year 1

Mrs Leonard, Miss Davies and Mrs Cragg welcome you to Year 1 and the Autumn Term 2018!
Our whole school theme for this term is .....
Sent to Coventry!
This term the children’s topic will be ‘Sent to Coventry’. During this topic we will be exploring and learning about the local area of Whoberley and Coventry itself looking at its history, geography and culture. This will involve going on trips to the local area and city centre to look at landmarks and museums. The children will also be looking at how Coventry has developed over the centuries and creating artwork and models linked to the theme. The children will be learning how read a map and develop basic orienteering skills. They will also learn about how Coventry is an important industrial city and how its contributed to the wider nation. If you have any links or interesting objects, photos linked to topic we would love to see them.


The children learn their sounds through our 'Read, Write Inc' lessons. They will continue to build on their phonics learning from last year, building up a knowledge of sounds and improving their word recognition and reading skills. The children are grouped according to their current sound knowledge and their reading and writing confidence.
In June the children will be taking the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. We gave out some information on this at parents evening. If you would like any more information please don't hesitate to come and discuss it with us.

At Whoberley, our main aim is to foster a life-long enjoyment of reading and enable every child to read confidently and fluently, showing a thorough understanding of a wide range of texts.

Children are given a variety of reading opportunities at school.  This includes the teaching of phonics through Read Write Inc or Get Spelling for older children, guided reading sessions where children read in groups and 1:1 reading.  Children have a book that they can take home and record their reading in their diary.

All of our fiction books and some non-fictions books are grouped using book bands and these range from books suitable for Reception age children, all the way through to Year 6.  Book bands were created by the Institute of Education and are based on clear and steady progression of reading skills.  It combines all reading schemes (such as The Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and Tree Tops) and library books so that no matter what book your child chooses to read, it will be pitched at the appropriate level for their reading skill.  This means that children no longer have to read all of the books in the Oxford Reading Tree and can instead choose any book that lies within their ‘band’.  Therefore, children will have a much broader choice of books to read and in turn gain more experience of reading a wider range of genres. 

The children’s reading is regularly assessed through questioning during guided reading sessions (in groups), Read Write Inc (phonics sessions) and 1:1 reading.  We question children against key objectives for EYFS, Key Stage and Key Stage 2 and the level of questioning will depend on your child’s ability and understanding of the text.

The children take part in 'Guided Reading' sessions each week where they read in a group with an adult or read independently.  
The children have a reading corner and are encouraged to read for pleasure, independently and also in a group.
In Numeracy we have been working hard to count, add and subtract with numbers to 20 and beyond
We have also been learning our number bonds to 10 and 20. 
Have a go at some of these games to practice your number bonds.