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Summer Term 2018

Our Topic this term is 'Small World' ‚Äč

During this term, the children will be looking at artefacts and learning about different contries from around the world. 

For our 'Small World' wow day, we set up the classroom as an airport and the hall as an aeroplane.
All of the children packed bags to go to Hawaii at home. When they got to school, the children filled out their own passport, collected their tickets, checked in their luggage, went through security and boarded the plane to Hawaii.
During their flight, the children watched a flight simulation and even had a stop off for Anzac day in Austrailia, with snacks and drinks from the country.
Then we boarded the plane again and headed for Hawaii. On board, they watched an episode of Go Jetters (a programme we have linked to our topic) and then landed in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, the teachers set the classroom up as a Hawaiian party with traditional clothing, decorations and the children changed into the summer clothes they had packed before tucking into our Hawaiian party food. We also learnt how to say Hello and Goodbye...Aloha!!), their traditonal dance (Hula) and discussed what would happen at a traditional Hawaiian party a Luau.
Some of the children even made their own grass skirts and Lei.

What a fantastic day!!!