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Ofsted Report

Online Safety

With the Internet becoming a more important part of our everyday lives, it is important that children are able to use it safely. 

In order to ensure our children are safe on the internet we are doing units of work in each year group around E-safety. These units of work are tailored for each key stage and year group to ensure progress through the school and that children are being taught appropriately.  

A search engine and webpage has been developed for KS2 pupils called It's a safe search engine that also contains learning resources and information for both children and parents about how to stay safe online. 

Below are two search engines that use Google's safe search, which helps to filter out inappropriate websites, images and videos. You can also turn on safe search within Google.

Below is a website that will help guide parents and children on how to be safe on the internet. There are different courses for children of all ages, aswell as parents.

CEOP who runs the website have just released an updated version of the website, so please have a look. /parents 

Further reading can be found here

In today's world it is very easy to access the internet from a variety of devices including laptops, phones, tablets, games consoles. Due to this it can be very hard for parents to monitor what their children are accessing. Sky, Talktalk, BT and Virgin have all added ways of parents being able to filter the content that is available to their children. Please find below links explaining how to filter your internet so children can use it safely.



Social Media

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter has become an important of our lives and many adults now have an account. Recently we've had several children asking members of staff to become their friends on Facebook. We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that staff are unable to add children to their friends list. In addition children under the age of 13 shouldn't be on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, as it breaks the terms of agreement for these website.