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Ofsted Report

School Council

Hello! We are the School Council for this school year. We aim to provide the children of Whoberley Hall an opportunity to voice their opinions in making Whoberley Hall an even better school!

There are representatives from Years 2-6 on our School Council.
They are voted for by their classmates.

We have lots of activities and events planned for this school year.

WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON in the SPRING of 2019 ? 
1) We (the school council) get the chance to meet nearly every week because there is so much to do! 

2) The SCHOOL MASCOT 'Gee Gee' is still helping us by attending our sporting events - go Gee Gee!

3) We collected lots of information about school dinners and how we can improve our lunchtime out in March because our Year 4 Reps will be adding in a short explanation of the fantastic changes.

4) We have finally organised our PET FARM visit. Our head boy - Rijaal- and head girl -Ella- called up Ark Farm and Wisemen school-who unfortunately didn't have any animals-to organise PET DAY then, all the School Council had to think of ideas to raise £600 for the PET FARM. Last year, School Council gave out a questionare and many people said they wanted to have a PET DAY. We finally came up with some ways to earn some money to fund it -We've had a non-school uniform day and each child who dressed up payed £1- and Julia Hankins-who is our PTA correspondent- agreed to pay the remaining money with all the other PTA members.

5) The School Council have teamed up with the PTA and Mrs Hankins is our wonderful new PTA link. Thank you for all of your help Mrs Hankins and thanks to the PTA who have kindly given us a very generous donation to support the Pet Farm day.

So what is next?   
 The Pet Farm is set for April 8th!