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Our View

Every Month, a different year group will have the chance to share THEIR point of view..... 

At Whoberley Hall, we believe that    and we want to get

children's views out there!  

  Jude Year 4 
"I love the new Power Maths programme, its really helped my learning and confidence. Our English lessons are varied which keeps it interetsting. At the moment, we are doing a 'Writing for Pleasure' unit and its great to let my imagination roam free and write whatever I want. I also love being active and especially playing football at lunchtime with KB and MO who organise the games."

Demi Year 4 

"School is fun. We get to do interesting activities and trips. I love learning about World War 2 and visiting the Cathedral. There are lots of after school clubs to get involved in; I do football, hockey, gymnastics and dance. Our teachers give us choices and support us to achieve the best we can."  


Drop onto the WEB in April to see how the childrens thoughts are changing!;)