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Ofsted Report

Principal Team

The Principal Team

Welcome to our page! Here you will find out what we have been up to and we will also share any important information.

Head Girl - Chloe 

       Head Boy - Noah 


Deputy Head Girl - Nikola    

Deputy Head Boy - Abdullah 

Being Head Girl/Boy is an important job! Here are just some of the roles and responsibilities we have undertaken this year:

  • Showing visitors around the school, informing them of all the activities that happen  during school life
  • Answering the phone and dealing with enquires when necessary
  • Leading school council meetings and putting together agendas
  • Attending PTA meetings when and as needed
  • Being part of the interview process for new staff, this may showing applicants around the school
  • Leading and taking an active part in raising money for the school
  • Supporting all children in the school
  • Representing the school at formal occasions
  • Setting a good example to the other children at school and in the community.
  • Any other job deemed necessary by the Head teacher

Let's hear from the Principal Team and our Head Girl and Head Boy! 

Chloe says, "I am keen to be a part of Whoberley's School Council because I am excited to help other people and very keen to help with the talent shows and fund-raising." 

Noah says, "I am keen to be a part of Whoberley's School COuncil because I want to make a positive change to the school and make it a better place for everyone. I take my role as Head Boy very seriously."